The Michigan Autocross Group was formed in later part of 1991 by Ray and Sharon Meesseman and is based out of Holly, Michigan; NCCC MI-362.

Created to be a group that was set for those members that wanted to be primarily Racers. A group where the best of the best racers gathered, and this was almost accomplished.

We are also the founders of the Ray Meesseman Scholarship in support of the FCOA.

Though we are an avid racers group we also partcipate and support other NCCC Clubs in other competitive events: Rallies, Car Shows, Cruise-Ins, Social Gatherings, and other National Corvette Events.

Being that our members are spread throughout the state of Michigan, and some other States, we do not hold any monthly meetings, nor do we have the traditional full Board Members.


Sharon Meesseman is our Governor. Sharon has also placed in the top 5 womens overall points in the region 10 times from 2001 to 2014, with first place standings in 2002!

Duties of the Governor: The Governor has many recommended guidelines including but not limited to: Attending National and Regional Governor's meetings, Responsible for all paperwork regarding Club's events and ensuring that the club is following the Compeition Rulebook, Processing membership renewals, reporting changes to NCCC membership and officer changes, having membership forms on hand for new members, annoucing any upcoming Santioned Events and encouraging members to participate and or work at them.

While the Host Governor, is ultimately responsible to oversee all club events and to ensure that safety is a primary consideration during events. Responsible for providing guidance to the Event Chair/Co-Chair regarding event safety.

Sharon Meesseman

Vice President/Competition Director

Rene Cardenas is our Vice President/Competition Director. Rene has also held the positions of Regional Competition Director (RCD), and placed in the top 10 mens overall points in the region 7 times from 2001 to 2014, with "4" first place standings: 2003, 2004, 2009 and 2010!

Duties of the Competition Director: The Competition Director shall perform such duties as shall be designated by the Board of Directors. The responsibility of all competition events sponsored by this Club and/or coordinated with any other organization pertaining directly to competition is appointed to the Competition Director.

The VP of competition will guide RCD's in performing their safety-related responsibilities in order to ensure that all NCCC events are operated in a safety-oriented environment. Supports the RCDs directly or indirectly in answering questions on competition matters from NCCC members.

Rene Cardenas
Though we are a small group of about 30 members, we are always welcome to anyone that would like to join us.


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