Define Concours D'Elegance?

"A Show or Contest of vehicles and accessories in which the entries are judged chiefly on execellence of appearance and turnout"

The Concours had its origin in Europe, but came into its own in the Americas in the late twenties and early thirties. A sporting event, the Concours was designed to produce a showing of individual refined examples of all automotive marquees.

The Corvette Concours is the displaying of fine individual examples of the Corvette marquee. Many shows include models from the ‘50s solid axle cars , the ever-popular ‘60s “mid-year” cars, the ’70s and the high-tech cars of the ‘80s, ‘90s and ‘2000s.

These examples of the Corvette’s aesthetic beauty, as well as its engineering excellence, are grouped in classes and judged on a point structure designed to reflect the degree of each unit’s individual excellence.


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