What is an Economy Run?
In an Economy Run, cars are grouped in classes according to age, engine size and gear ratio. Good performance in an Economy Run calls for intensive preparation of the car. A big contributing factor in getting good fuel mileage is the way you drive. Keep your foot light on the accelerator and drive as if the fuel were costing you eight dollars a gallon. An Economy Run can be thought of as a special form of Rallye where the scoring (placement) of the entrants is determined not by how close they can stay to a predetermined time schedule or how many questions they can answer but how little fuel they have to use to complete the required route.

Economy Run Entrant's Requirements

  • MUST have both a Driver and a Navigator
  • Driver MUST be duly licensed
  • Navigator MUST be used in all Economy Runs
  • Minimum and maximum speed limits MUST be obeyed. All other traffic laws MUST also be obeyed.
  • Seat belts must be worm at all times while in the car or both with be DNF’d.
  • Any addition of fuel or deviation from the prescribed route is prohibited.
  • No pushing or pulling of entrants car allowed


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