Funkhana What?
A very low speed autocross-like event with the added features of a navigator to assist the drive and a variety of gimmicks that the driver and/or navigator must perform in order to successfully complete a run.

Still Confused?

Gimmicks included as part of the timed run are only limited by the imagination of the Event Chairpersons as long as they are in good taste and done in the spirit of having fun aka FUNkhana.

You may be required to start and stop the car, backup the car, turn the engine on and off, get in or out of the car, operate the seat belts and perform gimmicks in and out of the care while the car is stopped or in motion, SAFETY FIRST!
  • An example would be having to park the car and look for either a clue or play a game like Ladder Golf.

Who can participate in a Funkhana?

Licensed driver 18 years or older with a Navigator 16 years or older

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