What is a Rallye?
A Rallye is similar to written directions one gives a friend for getting to a new house in the suburbs. Perhaps it seems like a challenge. It is more than a test of one’s ability to follow directions – more thane intense observation. It includes an aptness for doing seventeen things at once – including and adherence to a timetable speed of, let us say, 28.8 miles an hour.


There are Three Types of Rallies

A Time-Speed-Distance Rallye is planned so that an entrant should never exceed a legal speed limit.

Entrants are given a set of route instructions with average speeds to maintain an is usually composed of a series of separately timed legs to avoid speeding near the end of the Rallye by the cars that are behind time.

The Rally will have a minimum of one check point which are the enters of activity, setup by the Rallye officials, with facilities for timing cars as they arrive..

This type of Rallye is scored on TIME ONLY – not distance.

WordScramble Gimmick
The Rallyemaster presents route instructions and questions that the alert Rallysist must follow and answer along the Rallye route. The Rallysist can be required to test out their navigational abilities and match their wit and skill with the Rallyemaster. Answers to questions may be found on either side of the road.
  • This Rallye is scored by following instructions, providing correct answers and being in the by the pre-announced time given and is not scored by any type of CHANCE or unknown factor.
  • Examples of Gimmick Rallies include: Scrambled Word, Photo and Landmarks.

Usual navigational demands are minimized, courses are relatively simple, average speeds are readily obtainable or unnecessary. There are many varieties and are scored by CHANCE requirements set up by the Rallyemaster. Questions can be answered almost anywhere, and in any way, depending upon the Rallyemaster and the instructions given.
  • Poker Rallye
    Luck is all important. Several Checkpoints are set up and as each car pulls into the checkpoint, the DRIVER or NAVIGATOR draws the cards. The winner is the car which comes in within the specified time with the heist or lowest, as identified at the drivers meeting, poker hand assembled from the cards drawn
  • Hidden Time
    Scored by following route instructions and answering questions and getting to the end point as close as possible to a hidden unknown time. Getting in earlier or later results in accumulating penalty points which are factored into the final score.
  • Game
    Usually an easy route that takes the entrants from one physical or skill endeavor obstacle to the other. The entrants can do anything from shooting baskets, rolling dice, dropping pins in the bottle, to casting into a floating hula hoop – the possibilities are as fun and as crazy as the Rallymaster’s imagination.
  • Hare & Hound
    Rallyemaster gives choices and the Rallysist must make a decision concerning a route direction. If the decision proved to be incorrect, the entrant must go back to the point of decision and take an alternate route.

Rallye Entrant's Requirements

  • Rallye car MUST have both a Driver and a Navigator
  • Driver MUST be duly licensed
  • Navigator MUST be used on all Rallies
  • No more than two persons will be allowed in each Corvette
  • Seat belts must be worm at all times while in the car or both with be DNF’d.

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