What is a Speed Event?
A speed event is a NCCC-regulated competition in which the Corvette drive has the opportunity to learn, improve, and demonstrate their skills on an autocross course that is not subject to public traffic and associated rules. A drag race, although not technically a speed event, provides the same venue. The rules of conducing the Speed Event provide the NCCC member with a safe venue to enhance their driving ability, compete with group and class peers, and obtain enjoyment and competition thrills not otherwise available to the driving public. The Speed Event is designed with safety as the primary factor and NCCC Speed Event competition extends the safety envelop by the provision of competitive events that minimize risk to driver sand Corvettes through individual timed competition. Speed events are held on paved surfaces, regardless of whether they are on a permanent racetrack or road course site, or on a temporary autocross surface.

The emphasis is all NCCC Speed Events is on driving skill in preference to absolute speed

Low Speed vs High Speed

  • Low Speed – maximum obtainable speed is less than 80 mph.
  • High Speed – speeds exceed 80 mph. All cars are required to have a fire extinguisher, all roadsters are required to have roll bars, all drivers are required to be High Speed Certified, all Group 3 drivers are required to wear a fire suit.

Speed Event Categories

May be either Low or High Speed

97Image Autocross
A road course, where the route is defined by cones or pylons, not the track itself.  High speed is held on a paved surface, typically a road course where the route is defined by the track layout.  However, it may be held on any paved area large enough to safely manage the highest speed possible.

Matching Times (MT)
Acceleration test of at least on-either 1/8 mile (can be run side by side on sanctioned drag strip) or a timed run on an autocross course – for the purpose of consistency.

Drag Races

A wheel to wheel acceleration contest between two cars on a sanctioned drag strip at least 1/8 mile in length. A Drag Race is a contest of nerves, skill and raw power. When two cars pull up to the staging line, the mental contest begins:

  • Who will stage first?
  • Who will get the jump on the other driver without red-lighting?
  • Who will judge the right amount of throttle to get off the line without bogging or going up in smoke?


Once the cars are under way, the contest becomes a question of horsepower and driver’s skill in controlling the car. NCCC provides two forms of sanctioned drag racing:

  • Eliminations by Class which can be a Record Drag Event or a Non-Record Drag Event.
  • Eliminations by ET Bracket which can only be a Non-Record Drag Event.

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